Mom Stains

As a new mom, there are many things to learn.

1. You get very little sleep in the beginning. Sleep while you can is advice that does not even seem useful, simply because there is no amount of sleep that can help you catch up. It does get better! SBR had several 6 solid hour nights this week and last night he made it 11 hours! But, those first 6 months are definitely the toughest.

2. All of your favorite accessories look best in your jewelry box. If your little one is anything like mine, there is pulling and ripping off and teething happening on anything that can get in his mouth. So, to avoid injury and having to find replacements, my accessories are left in my drawer until I have that rare night out with the girls or the hubs.

3. It doesn’t matter if you have just showered and put on fresh clothes, be it pajamas, work clothes, everyday clothes, THEY WILL GET MESSY! You will feel like you have a constant crust, if you will, on your hands, arms and face, at all times.

4. You will not have a meal that isn’t shared with your little one. In the beginning, I was sharing my meals with my little one because of breastfeeding. Now that my little guy is eating solids, I rarely get a serving to myself. I don’t mind though, it’s a great weight loss plan and he makes the cutest little noises when he likes something. 🙂

5. You will never make it ANYWHERE on time. Even if there is an hour window of time to get somewhere, I am still late. I don’t understand it. I don’t know where the time goes, but I do know that I used to be 15 minutes early to just about everything. Now, I’m lucky if I am only an hour behind.

Despite that fact that these things seem less than appealing to most, I cannot imagine my days without them. I will forgo sleep for some extra snuggling time with my little man or some time to play and giggle. I will happily not wear accessories. Chances are, I would spend too much time picking them out anyway, and I could be taking that time to be with the sweetest smile I have ever seen. And most importantly, those mom stains… You know the ones from the applesauce sneezes, runny noses, teething drool, and Lord knows what else, are not just stains or dirt. They are a badge of honor. Those stains, as crazy as it sounds, I have waited for my whole life. It allows me to shout from the rooftops ” I am a MOM and I LOVE IT!!” without looking like a complete nutcase.

So, when Miles teased me the other night about going out with my mom stains, I simply responded, “Yes, I plan on leaving the house with them, I’m a mom.”

As for the other things, nothing trumps being a mom… Even if you are late to everything. Being a mom is the best thing I have ever done with my life. It is the greatest gift that has ever been given to me and I know that I am truly blessed to have this wonderful, sweet, handsome, funny, smart boy in my life. So, if you see me looking grungy and without my normal earrings and jewelry, just remember that I am simply showing off how much I love being a mom.

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