I used to dream of all the things I would want to teach my children. I would want to teach them about the beautiful area we live in, how to be respectful, how to read and write. I would teach them about great food and music. I would teach them about love and Our Father. Little did I know that I would learn more from my 10 month old, than I think I am teaching him.

Here are the things I’ve learned so far:

  1. When you get knocked down, get right back up and keep on moving. SBR never seems to let a little slip stop him from getting to what he really wants. His tenacity astounds me. I sometimes forget that keeping going part. I get bogged down in the details. I let all of the obstacles stop me in my tracks. I’m working on having just a fraction of SBR’s tenacity.
  2. You will have more fun if you share your time (and snacks) with friends. SBR would give his last bite to the fur babies just to make them happy. He is the living version of the Rainbow Fish, and I love it!
  3. When life gets to be a little too much, take a nap. A nap will let you wake to a new beginning, and let you start anew. I need to follow this advice more often 😉
  4. Enjoy each bite. With every bite the SBR takes, he makes a sound “mmm!” or lip smacking or grunts of approval. Sometimes, I forget to savor things and just rush through meals, days, chores when really I should be enjoying every moment.
  5. Make a joyful noise. When the moment strikes, make a silly sound because it makes you happy. Sure, people might think your nuts, but if it gets you through a tough day, then GO FOR IT!
  6. Life is messy… Enjoy a bubble bath. SBR can be fussy and moody, but put him in a bubble bath and suddenly he’s a new kid. He really enjoys those baths, and I enjoy those little moments with him. I need to remember the healing of a bubble bath for myself from time to time.
  7. Finally, SBR has taught me to find comfort and rest in the arms of a loved one. For him, Miles and I are those arms that rock him to sleep each night. We are the arms hold him when he’s hurt, or comfort him when he’s had a bad dream. This advice is the most poignant to me. I am learning (again…) that our Heavenly Father is those arms for me, and whatever the road holds ahead He is holding our family through it.

Who would’ve known that a 10 month old could be so wise? I have been blessed with this little reminder, that He is with me. I see it in his smile, in his go-get- it attitude, and in his overall enjoyment of life.  I am so glad that I am able to sit back and let my little teacher show me the bigger picture that He has in store for me.


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