Living For The Weekend

I used to “live for the weekend” it was a time to sleep in, rest up, cook for the hubby, and rejuvenate. Miles and I would go to anywhere the wind blew us, and life was so different. The weekends were always different, and I could count on time to sit around and just be. Although, I didn’t do that often.

Now, “living for the weekend” has a completely different meaning. Every Monday morning, I wake up and tell SBR that we have only 5 more days until we can leisurely wake up, cook breakfast together, and play and snuggle. As the week progresses, I so look forward to Saturdays. I know that I will finally get some time to sleep in (if only a few minutes). When my sweet little alarm clock wakes me, I know I can bring him into bed with us for our weekend snuggles. Those moments are all I have ever dreamed of. His sweet smile and funny giggles warm up my heart.Β  I love how he crawls over to wake up Miles by grabbing his nose, lips, or poking him in the eye. He rolls around in the blankets, and play peek-a-boo. When we finally get up, I look forward to chasing that sweet boy around as I cook breakfast… He loves being in the kitchen and snacking as I am working. We make a really good team πŸ™‚ . We like to have a leisurely breakfast, and then play time that follows. Miles always wakes and is so excited to have some morning time with the sweetest boy around. To say we are nuts about this boy is an understatement. By Saturday evening, I know I have one more day with my loves, but I know it will pass way too quickly. The weekends have always been fun, but nothing could’ve ever prepared me for the fun that would come with being a mom. Now, I am really living for the weekends, and the time with my little family. I am beyond blessed!Image My sweet boy enjoy his Saturday morning breakfast! Love the one handed sippy action πŸ™‚

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