Before I was pregnant, bath time was a time for me to decompress, to pray, to wash away all of the bad feelings I had. It was a time for me to let go. It  was just me and Him, and I could open up. It’s where I first realized that I wasn’t walking with Him, and that I’d gotten so far from my walk. It was the place that I asked Him back in my life.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was terrified to take a bath. I worried that water would be too hot and hurt my developing baby. I didn’t want it to be too cold because no one likes a cold bath. So, I steered clear. Around Christmas time, I had a “boo-boo” that required me to soak a few times a day. So, I braved the bath.

I ran the water, slid in, and waited. I waited to feel differently… Then, it happened. I saw the baby move! It then became a time for me to sit and focus only on my sweet baby. It became a time for us to read and talk. It became my favorite time of the day. As I’ve gone through my pregnancy, I’ve gotten away from our nightly bath for whatever reason (showering seems to be more time efficient). I’ve missed it, and I’ve wanted to get back to it.

So, in an effort to help with my swelling last week, I took a warm bath. It was relaxing– until it was time to get out. It was not as easy as it once was. It took some doing, but I was successful. This week, I decided to take one because I needed to get my head together. But instead of thinking like I had intended, my Sweet Baby Ray reminded me of his presence and the goodness of God. He rolled and wiggled and I couldn’t worry about the things I’d gotten in to worry about and wash away. I was completely distracted by my little miracle.

It amazes me, even still, how good God is. I am still just humbled to have the opportunity to experience this precious gift. I am so in love with my little man and I hardly wait for him to make his grand entrance.


Thank you for this blessing. Thank you for bath time. Help me to remember to focus on what is important and leave the worries and troubles with you. You are so good and I am so grateful!



  1. Kristy K

    Beautiful……simply beautiful!! {{{}}}

  2. ash

    Just wait until you and baby ray take a bath together. We play and Cade loves to float in the tub. I am lover of baths and so is cade 🙂 so…we take about 2 a day!

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