Love and Happiness

“And now, these three remain: faith, hope and love. But, the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

These days, I am realizing how important this verse is. I have always liked the verse, but I’ve come to LOVE it. It means so much to me. Without love, I may still be wallowing in my losses, floundering sad and lonely. My family provided a much needed love and support. Miles has always been a wonderful and loving husband, even during our toughest times. But even more prominent than that… I’m realizing how deep His love is. He has given us these three wonderful gifts that are often forgotten or taken advantage of, but they are there. His love endures. His love is overcoming all obstacles. His love is constantly forgiving and giving.

Even in my darkest hour, when I questioned His plan and I was angry with Him, He LOVED me. He loved me enough to help with my very first prayer, to show me his Grace and Mercy. He loved me enough to put people in my path to lead me back to Him. He loved me enough to wait for me to come back to Him. While my faith has been shaken, I know it is truly a gift. I am truly taking advantage of that gift throughout this pregnancy. Hope is another gift that has gotten me through these difficult times while we waited for ultrasounds and doctors, but love– His love has been ever-present.

I’ve been noticing His love as people have been giving us gifts for Baby Ray even before we were certain he would be ours. I’ve noticed His love as Miles and I sit on the couch and watch Baby Ray moving about in my belly. I’ve noticed His love in myself as I am finally letting go of the worry and the what ifs and I’m really starting to enjoy the preparations. His love is present in the happiness that I am feeling.

I am feeling so happy that I don’t even have the words to explain it. I love watching how my house is transforming getting ready for Baby Ray. We now have a pack and play in the living room. The crib is up and the furniture is where I want it. I spent part of the weekend washing and putting away clothes for him. It’s all so exciting. I’m struggling to remember how hard things were, how sad I was, or how heartbroken I’ve been. That I know is a gift of love from above. ❤

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