A New Day…

Sweet Baby Ray

Sweet Baby Ray


We left Friday afternoon for our check up at MUSC for a 16 week scan. It was the very earliest we could check for kidney function, and other vital organs. I’d been a blubbering mess for weeks, but as the days crept closer it only got worse. It was an uncomfortable feeling know that I was not in control. I wasn’t able to say for certain that my baby would be healthy. It was unsure if I would be able to do anything to help my baby. This territory is far too familiar and it made me sick to my stomach to think of losing another baby. I tried to be faithful and feed myself with His word and Spirit. However, I am only human…

On the way, I couldn’t eat. I was nervous. I prayed and tried to be positive. I knew I had so many wonderful people praying for us and thinking of us. I am completely overwhelmed by the blessings of all of the wonderful support. We arrived at MUSC a little early, and I sat  in the waiting room restless but hopeful. I remembered what a sweet co-worker said to me Friday morning, ” You are so strong in your faith and you need to keep that. Remember…” and as she searched for the words, I said, “optimism”. She replied, “Exactly!” So there I sat, nervous, faithfully praying and yet optimistic.

The technician came out to get us. Thankfully, Miles and my mom were able to go into the room with me. The tech started right away and quickly started explaining what we were seeing, “here is a leg… here is an arm… the head…” Miles learning from our experiences, ” Is the head looking good?” she smiled and replied, “Yes. It looks great.”  First sigh of relief. More pictures of the belly, umbilical cord, fluid around the baby, hands, both feet, and then she positioned me since the baby wouldn’t move to check for kidneys. She quickly stated, “And there is the blood flow to the kindneys.” Kidneys… with an S! Then, the flood gates opened. I was completely relieved. I remember very little of what was said after that. She was still measuring and capturing pictures. Among the information she shared that our baby is a sweet little BOY!

Today is Sunday, and we are still just in awe of how blessed we are. I haven’t been able to stop smiling since I sat up on the table and heard the tech say that everything looked normal. Who knew NORMAL would be such a good thing to hear? I am continually praying prayers of thanks for this wonderful and awesome gift. I told my mom on the way home, I have been happy before. I’ve been really happy before. I am not sure, that I have EVER felt a happiness like this. I am so looking forward to a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, and just a healthy, happy future. I know that we have been on this journey for a while, and now, it all seems to make sense.


I thank you for the gift of this healthy baby boy. I am honored and humbled to have received this blessing. I ask that you continue to hold us near and have your hand upon us as we continue through this pregnancy. You are so good and I am in complete AWE of You and Your Faithfulness. You are my Healer, my Helper, my Heart. Thank you for walking with me and healing the issues that have caused our hurts and our losses. I trust in You. Amen.





  1. Melissa mandell

    Beautiful. Thank you for letting us take this journey with you. As Mel said today, we are more faithful, more joyful and more triumphant because of your example. This child is already truly blessed.

  2. God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine! Ephesians 3:20
    What a testimony you have to share with others and a comfort to those who will be experiencing the same challenges you have faced.

  3. Melissa Davis

    Your blog really blessed me this morning. Thank you.

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