<3 How it started <3

It all started in April 2005. I was out for the evening with my mom and a friend of her’s, when a handsome group of Marines walked into the bar. I’ve always been a little embarrassed by the bar story, but that is where I met the love of my life and my best friend. It was the end of my freshman year at the College of Charleston. I should have been in Charleston studying for exams, but I came home for a few days to unwind, and got talked into being the DD for my mom :).

So, there I was sitting in a hole-in-the-wall bar, when this group of guys walked in. I saw his friend first, but then our eyes met. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. We flirted with each other from across the room until he finally came over and asked me to dance. I was immediately attracted and intrigued. Come to find out, he was supposed to be on duty that night, and was able to trade so he could see his buddy off.  We spent the night talking, shooting pool (I’m terrible), and he sang karaoke (he’s TERRIBLE!). I was so enamored with his carefree attitude. He left me with his number.  I hadn’t planned on calling him, but under the “mother knows best rule”, I did.

We had our first date in early May. It was perfect! We clicked immediately. I finished up school and moved home to spend the most incredible summer with Miles. He was fun and spontaneous. It felt like we’d always been together. In July, his squadron would be deployed for 7 months. We took that to mean we had to cram in as much time and fun together as we could.

The night before he left, I was so sad. I couldn’t imagine him not there. We’d done beach trips, Water Fest, and family visits. What would I do without him for 7 months? Out of nowhere, he started talking about his family and my family, and how well we got along together… and then, he asked me to MARRY HIM! Of course, I said yes. I was so excited to know that MY marine would return to me and we would start thinking about a wedding.

We decided I would finish school and that we would get married after I graduated. The next 3 years flew by, and on July 5, 2008 I married my best friend. We had such high hopes for our future and our family to be. We were just so happy…

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  1. This is a great start! I really like it. I’m looking forward to more post. I’m glad to see that you’ve progressed from the old fashioned journaling… 🙂

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